About Mostafavi Saffron CO

Mustafavi Saffron, like many top industrial organizations in the world, aims to fulfill customer satisfaction, quality improvement, increase in supply, and price reduction; in regards to the current situation and goals in our country, it has included job creation and exportation in its organizational plan, aligning with the sustainable development goals of our country, to create a bright future for the related community with the help of global up-to-date technology and the desired standards. Our mission and vision is to do our best to strive for our strategic objectives, provide world-class standardized products, meet overarching requirements of global and local market, and sustain our economic growth by presenting our practical products; moreover, we strive to be the leader of all others in this market.

The Mission Statement of Mustafavi Saffron:

We, as an active organization in the largest saffron producer and supplier country in the world, aim to be the professional leader of Iranian saffron industry in the global market. We are well-informed of the numerous various business challenges, barriers, rivals, and fraud. We are firmly committed to the vision and mission of Mustafavi Saffron; and we have taken strategic, market-oriented, and synergistic measures in the world; in this regard, we have added innovation and the variety of products and services to our main criteria. We are committed to the innovation of the entire saffron supply chain, inspiration from the best organizations in the world, the utilization of up-to-date processing technology, warehousing, distribution and marketing, respect in Mustafavi basic values, and human source empowerment. We are striving to acquire the most commercial benefit, profit, and job creation from the Red Gold of Iran (saffron) for Saffron market and community.

The Vision Statement of Mustafavi Saffron:

We strive to play a strategic role strategic role in making Iran the global leader of saffron suppliers and making saffron into a high-demand essential product in six years.

Mustafavi Saffron Supply Chain:

Mustafavi Saffron has provided best-quality Iranian saffron from Khorasan fertile fields by the overall management of the saffron supply chain. The most important parts of this chain are as follows:

Famers carry out the processes of saffron planting, cultivation, irrigation, and harvesting according to the required steps and standard hygiene rules.

We carry out standard overarching experiments on primary products in terms of saffron type, color (crocin), scent (safranal), taste (picrocrocin) and other characteristics in Mustafavi quality-control center (standard equipped laboratory) to fulfill and guarantee our customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and mission.

Processing is one of the most important parts. It must be carried out in a critical environment with standard parameters by experts. The whole processing parts are carried out according to the required standard sanitary and technical rules; at the end, the final products, under the approval of Mustafavi quality control center, are sent to the packaging and distribution sections.

Indeed, the value of real Iranian saffron is partially parallel to gold. Therefore, Mustafavi warehouse is completely a safe and healthy place. Saffron is a fragile spice that needs to be stored under certain conditions with environmental parameters required for the preservation of our Saffron quality so that the final products would meet the desired standards and requirements in all aspects.

Mustafavi products are available in most popular stores. Mustafavi CRM are trying to help in wise safe purchasing by providing precise responses information of products. By the way, customers can place an order online.

The ultimate goal of all Mustafavi sale circumstances is to fulfill our dear customer satisfaction and trust. To get to this aim, Mustafavi CRM is always available to our dear customers on all days of the week. It would be of great help for us to know your suggestions and opinions to improve our services.

One of the most important goals of Mustafavi Saffron is supplying and distributing Iranian saffron, thus; we are presenting world-class standardized products based on the latest technology and hygiene principles throughout the production process by utilizing experienced expert human force, research and development department, and the best science laboratory equipment. In addition, Mustafavi Saffron has been successful not only in providing the highest-quality saffron but also in exporting products to the entire world, especially to the Europe, Asia, and Africa. Mustafavi Saffron is always seeking for innovation by the help of experienced creative human force and the constantly-updating systems of technology and organization; and it is striving to supply and present new, high-quality, and impeccable products by means of identifying our customers’ requirements and desires. Only a small portion of Mustafaviachievements is obtaining numerous awards of different organizations including Iranian organizations of the National Standard, the Protection of Consumers and Producers' Rights, Ministry of Health and medical education. The processes of the required control and management take place by utilizing the latest technology in production, planting, harvesting and processing of high-quality saffron under the aegis of the experts responsible for the quality control of the various Mustafavi products and ensuring compliance with international standards at Mustafavi well-equipped chemical and microbiological laboratory.

Mustafavi Basic Values:

  • A United, Synergistic and Sustainable Chain of Value
  • Love of Country, Industry and National Benefits
  • Bringing Equal Recruitment and Promotion Opportunities
  • Preserving Moral, Cultural, and National Values
  • A Commitment to Fairness and Honesty with Customers and Stakeholders
  • Innovation and co-creation of value with the help of customers and strategic team

Honors and Awards